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Opportunities for Veterans

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Hire an American Owned Veteran BusinessesAmerica’s #1 choice is to buy from a Veteran owned business and we have made it easy for you to find them.

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Saving Analytics
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Savings Analytics

Saving Analytics Implements 4 Key Strategies to Increase Profits:

  • Reducing Expenses
  • Recovering Overcharges
  • Generating New Revenue Streams, and
  • Leveraging Available Tax Incentives


All initiatives are Contingency and Performance Based, meaning that if savings or recoveries are not found, there is NO FEE.  Our success depends on your success... a win-win proposition!


We Optimize Your Bottom Line without disturbing current operations, as there is No Requirement to change providers or existing vendor relationships.


Working in concert with OPPS4VETS®, Saving Analytics can benefit individual Veteran Owned Businesses as well as their Clients, Supporters, Philanthropies and Communities at large. Our savings, recovery and revenue models open the doors to: 

  • Greater Business Success across the full industry spectrum
  • Financial Provisioning for vital services, humanitarian efforts and charitable missions, as well as
  • Economic Growth and Development locally, nationally and globally


Health Savings Program

Healthcare Savings Program – Significantly reduces healthcare costs for both employers and employees, while at the same time providing higher quality and more flexible care options. All this without requiring a change in health plans or brokers

Comprehensive Accounts Payable Solution

Comprehensive Accounts Payable Solution – Reduces costs and generates ongoing rebates thru full automation of all Accounts Payable functions while maximizing Virtual Payments. No change in AP systems, banking or vendor relationships is required.

Class Action Recoveries

Class Action Recoveries – Assists with securing clients’ fair share of legal settlements to which they are entitled, including the management of claims throughout the administrative process. Commonly, clients have no knowledge of the cases or that they are valid claimants.

CopierPrinter Lease and Savings Programs

Copier/Printer Lease and Savings Programs – Secures savings through analysis and renegotiation of copier/printer leases; enhances security and HIPPA compliance (where applicable), and minimizes paper document information risk and routine daily expenditures.


Thorough Analyses, Including Provider Negotiations to Recoup Overcharges.


Consultation and Systems to Best Leverage Qualified Tax Credits and Incentives with Ease.

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With No Cost or ObligationSaving Analytics runs a quick assessment of each client's current situation, providing a snapshot of their estimated savings potential across multiple operational areas.

Savings Analytics

To schedule your FREE preliminary analysis, please contact Saving Analytics.

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Matchmaking that works.

Companies are actively seeking out Veteran Owned Businesses and Skilled Veterans for potential employment.  We will use your information to match you with opportunity.