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Hand Sanitizer Antiseptic 80% V/V/Disinfectant (5)

Created on: 22 May 2020
Jet 1 gallon Hand Sanitizer retails for $64-74.00 a gallon - $35.00 for OPPS4vets members (4/cs) MOQ.
Jet 8 oz personal use MIST SPRAYER - 12/case $90.00 retails Opps4vets price $49.00! MOQ 5 cases.
Jet 1 gallon/5 gallon Hospital Grade Disinfectant! $45.10 a gallon MOQ a case of 4! RETAILS $53.00, $75.00 for a 5 gallon pale, BULK pricing is available.
55 Gallon Drum Hand Sanitizer $2495.00 for facilities maintenance, schools and institutions, construction sites and more.
55 Gallon Drum Medical Grade Disinfectant $4495.00

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