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Opportunities for Veterans

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Hire an American Owned Veteran BusinessesAmerica’s #1 choice is to buy from a Veteran owned business and we have made it easy for you to find them.

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The After Action Review
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The After Action Review (AAR) is all about Veteran entrepreneurs!

These Veterans are making their mark on the world by taking a chance at owning their own business or running a non-profit for some terrific causes. They share their experiences and lessons learned from the military and how they're bringing all of that to their entrepreneurial endeavors. These are their stories, from military service to entrepreneurship.

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Dedan "Rod" Rodriguez is a 13 year combat Veteran of the US Army. He served 10 years active duty and is currently spending one weekend a month and two weeks a year serving the Army National Guard in Texas as an intelligence Chief Warrant Officer. He holds a B.S. in US Intelligence Studies and an M.S. in Mental Health Counseling. In addition to his professional accomplishments he is an avid Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, podcaster, and proud father of three rowdy boys ages 15, 13, and 4.

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