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Your Business Capability Statement

11 May 2017 12:56 | Valerie Ormond

Many of you may have seen Opps4Vets Founder Al Renteria's recent email and post, "America's #1 Choice Nationwide Campaign." This article dovetails on that theme: are you prepared to put your best foot forward with your business's Capability Statement?

If you want to do business in the state, local, and Federal landscape, you need to have one. Although not as required in the commercial sector, in my personal experience, I've had positive reactions. Your Capability (or Capabilities) Statement should convey what you can do for a customer and why they should hire you above others. The layout, color scheme, design, and wording, vary greatly, and look around to see what models suit your business and your business personality. And even if you contract it out, make sure someone other than you proofreads it, because you can't see your own mistakes.

I'm attaching a presentation from a webinar because I think Gloria Larkin speaks about the Capability Statement better than I can. The webinar is not live, so you don't need to follow the instructions in the beginning. But the content is very good, remembering that it is YOUR statement and YOUR business, and she is providing recommendations.

And for our Opps4Vets members, I have two requests:

1. Could you please share your Capability(ies) Statement in our Comments to help others?

Here is an example from one of our Opps4Vets members, WoVo Identity Solutions, for starters.

2. For our graphic designers out there, if you do this kind of work, can you please let our members know?

Here is Gloria Larkin, TargetGov's, presentation: 2015-06-25_CapStmt_(Larkin).pdf

Thank you, and I know we have amazing capabilities among our now 670 members!

Valerie Ormond

Chief Executive Officer, Veteran Writing Services, LLC

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