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Corporate Image Maintenance
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About Us

Corporate Image Maintenance is Southern California’s leading janitorial contractor that provides sustainable cleaning services exclusively.

Corporate Image Maintenance mission is to provide Sustainable janitorial services together with our customers to achieve an eco-friendly clean environment. We strive to optimize total life cycle cost while enhancing
your company’s image in a socially responsible way.

Corporate Image Maintenance’s janitorial services are based on technology driven cleaning solutions. We partner with strategic vendors and Industry associations to deliver a comprehensive janitorial program for any facility. 

Corporate Image Maintenance’s operating plan reduces labor costs while improving quality by making investments in capital equipment and enhanced tools combined with best practices.
We reduce the variability of labor performance with controlled processes, metrics, training and empowerment of our employees.

Corporate Image Maintenance’s thorough knowledge of safe cleaning practices, OSHA regulations and pro-active EPA compliance ensures for our customers that they will be complaint for all their cleaning requirements.

Corporate Image Maintenance’s Sustainability cleaning program is supported by excellent customer service, ongoing employee training, quality professional management and over twenty five years of industry experience.


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Sustainability Cleaning Services

  • Day Services via Sustainable Cleaning
  • Evening Services via Sustainable Cleaning
  • Certified Equipment
  • “Green Seal” Chemicals
  • “Green Site Survey” with LEED Accredited Professionals
  • Hygiene Testing
  • Odor Control/Sanitation
  • Monthly Job Inspections and Customer Reporting
  • Monthly Safety-Training with Employees
  • MSDS Updating and Equipment Maintenance
  • Nationally Recognized Suppliers
  • Work Order System

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