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Why Advertise with OPPS4ETS®?

OPPS4VETS® houses over 1,000+ experienced Veteran Businesses. Your paid advertisement mitigates our cost and helps us create more opportunities for your business and Veteran Business Owners.

The Veteran Audience

We house over 1,000 experienced Veteran Businesses.   Veteran Businesses are vital to the economic success of our Country.  With over $1.1 Trillion in annual sales, these 'vetpreneurs' are always seeking ways to improve their business, make partnerships, and financials. 

OPPS4VETS® has put together a vetted list of the finest Veteran Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Government Contacts that are not only seeking to market their business, but are also looking for better ways to thrive.  Our advertisers get direct access to mingle and market to a highly motivated and forward seeking group of individuals.

Market and Advertise your business to a global audience with VETS®.  Have your logo prominently visible or be a guest on VETS®.  

Studio locations available for guests of VETS:
Perris, California
Global - Via Skype


Most vetpreneurs rely on themselves to fund their businesses:

  • 69.2 percent use personal or family savings and assets
  • 12.9 percent use credit cards or home equity loans
  • 9.8 percent use business loans from financial institutions
  • 1.9 percent use business loans from family or friends

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Matchmaking that works.

Companies are actively seeking out Veteran Owned Businesses and Skilled Veterans for potential employment.  We will use your information to match you with opportunity.