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Recommendation - Save Your Time

12 Jul 2017 10:16 | Valerie Ormond

I wanted to share a note and recommendation passed along from fellow Opps4Vets member, Schuyler Jones, Chief Executive Officer of VetGuard Medical Supply, LLC.  

“I downloaded Kevin Jans book (free) from their website at SkyWay. It took about two hours to read through, but it helped me think critically about key elements of my federal business marketing and sales strategies. It also provided me with confirmation that some of the things I was doing were the right things for me and my company.

 “…I would recommend all our fellow Opps4Vets participants read it…..they should go to the SkyWay website, provide an email, and they can download it free.”

Thank you, Schuyler, and anyone else who has useful tips for other members, please send them along!

Valerie Ormond

Chief Executive Officer, Veteran Writing Services, LLC

Matchmaking that works.

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