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OPPS4VETS 3 Question Poll Results

29 Apr 2018 16:46 | Albert Renteria (Administrator)

Our first poll has concluded with 107 opps4vets members participating.

Below are the results and the beginning of enjoying a new feature for all of our opps4vets members. 

During this poll, one of our members Eric Cash asked to publish a survey for an opportunity he is engaging with and those results are out as well. 

Our blogs are open to the public, but only opps4vets members can add comments to our blog. 

I have answered the questions posted by our opps4vets members. Do expand your thoughts by commenting on our blog so that we can have an open conversation and improve our connection. Semper Fi, Al

Would you be a guest on VETS? - 107 votes

Yes - 64

No - 22

Maybe - 4

Already member I thought? - 1 -- You are already an opps4vets member!

At a later date - 1

Depends on availability and subject - 1

Depends on the topic- 1 - Topics are always about you and being entrepreneur.

Depends on what it pertains to and if there's a cost associated. - 1 - There will never be a cost for our opps4vets members to be a guest on VETS it is always about you and being an entrepreneur. 

Have been - 1

I don't know that this means?? Be a guest?? Could you clarify what this means? - 1 - Being a guest on VETS introduces you to the Nation and you share your story on being an entrepreneur.

Maybe in Oct – Nov - 1

Need to know more to commit. - 1 - Read some of the above answers and email me for more details.

Not at this time - 1

Not Now - 1

Not sure what this entails - 1 - Read some of the above answers and email me for more details.

Possibly - 2

What does that mean “guest on Vets”? - 1 - Read some of the above answers and email me for more details.

What forum are you talking about? - 1

Where is it? - 1 - Our guest are in our studio and online via Skype.

Are you selling to the government at any level? – 107 votes

Yes – 68

No – 23

A/E Design Services – 1

I contract services and I would provide them to anyone. – 1

I’ll sub to others but don’t take direct contracts. Too much hassle. – 1

I’m a sub-contractor. – 1

Not directly, provide services as sub-contractor – 1

Not now. I have done some work at the state level and have a proposal under consideration DoD at present. – 1

Not yet – 1

Not yet, but contract application submitted March 23, 2018 – 1

Not yet. In progress – 1

Planning to sell to the government – 1

State and local – 1

Subcontractor on two VA contracts, but have not received pay. Subcontractor on another Government contract currently in bid selection process. – 1

Trying to – 1

Trying, not yet won a bid except as subcontractor – 1

Working on some things – 1

Yes.. IT Services – 1

Are you an SDVOB or VOB? - 107 votes                                                                                                           

SDVOB - 80

VOB - 27


  • 02 May 2018 14:24 | Gerald Baldy
    Eric,These results are impressive,Best of luck with the contract RFP/RFI.
    Link  •  Reply

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