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SURVEY RESULTS - - SPAWAR Information Warfare Research Project (IWRP) OTA

29 Apr 2018 17:09 | Albert Renteria (Administrator)

At the request of one of our opps4vets members Eric Cash, we published this survey and 56 opps4vets members responded. 

The results far exceeded Eric's intent. He was hoping for at least 5 responses for each area of interest and the results below surpassed the expectations.

This is our second poll/survey we have published and a new feature at no cost for our opps4vets members. 

My intent is to support our opps4vets members so that opportunities that you are engaging in are shared and our opps4vets members are considered in supporting an opportunity.

Eric is looking forward to submitting a response on May 1, 2018, to this opportunity and I encourage you to post your questions and interest and stay connected. I asked Eric to make a post and to keep us posted on the blog on the outcome of his post response submission.

Like any response to an RFI/RFP, we submit and wait. However, leveraging opps4vets, Eric can include this blog in response to demonstrate our interest as a whole to participate. Comment at will and email me if you have any questions. Enjoy the results below. Semper Fi, Al

Would you like to submit a non-binding survey of intent to join the Information Warfare Research Project (IWRP) consortium? - 56 votes

Yes - 52

No - 4

What classification is your organization? - 56 votes

Non-traditional defense contractor (not performing / hasn't performed any contract/subcontract for Department of Defense in the one-year period prior to April 2018)- 39

Traditional defense contractor - 17

Academic institution - 0

Non-profit - 0

What is the size of your company? - 56 votes

Small (revenue < $38.5 million)- 56

Medium (revenue $38.5 million - $1 billion) - 0

Large (revenue > $1 billion) - 0

Technology area of interest? (choose all that apply) - 192 votes

Cloud Computing - 22

Enterprise Resource Tools (e.g. business applications, modeling) - 22

Cyber Warfare - 21

Data Science / Analytics Technologies - 21

Assured Communications (e.g. secure information infrastructure, networking technologies) - 18

Mobility (e.g. wireless technology and infrastructure) - 16

Collaboration and Social Networking - 14

Internet of Things (IoT) Embedded Systems - 13

Model Based Systems Engineering (e.g. systems engineering virtual modeling) - 11

On-Demand Manufacturing (either Additive and/or Traditional) - 11

Battlespace Awareness (e.g. advanced means to rapidly sense, collect, process and evaluate information) - 9

Autonomy - 7

Integrated Fires (e.g. expanding use integrated information with electronic and offensive cyber for kinetic weapon systems) - 7


  • 02 May 2018 14:21 | Gerald Baldy
    Eric, Your consortium management team is a great opportunity for all that become involved. Vets will be able to practice acquired skills and receive a good pay check. The government can use your consortium to stay abreast of the latest in IT development and personnel. And the country by staying ahead of the rest of the world in warfare weapon development. It is a very cool idea and one Vets everywhere can contribute to and benefit from for a long time to come.
    I also have a concept that all involved can benefit from. I Work with Asset Management firms and Commercial Banks that contract Government agency/Commercial Bank real estate Reo listings. As with your consortium all participants benefit. My firm receives a contract to list and sell a home to a family. The referring Veteran receives a referral fee and the government gets back the funds on a bad loan to provide funding for another home loan.
    Eric,I like what you are doing very much and wish you all the success in the world. Jerry Baldy
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