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Top 3 Tips to get your Business Found

11 Jun 2018 12:25 | The ARRC (Administrator)

OPPS4VETS® is the home of America's #1 Choice: Veteran Business Owners.  Being a part of this list is just the first step of several to increase your lead generation potential.   Here are just a few tips from The ARRC® on how you can increase your Lead Generation on®

Tip #1 – Keep your Profile up to Date

Your profile is the gateway for visitors to find out about your Business.  If your business listing is out-of-date or has old links that no longer work, visitors will have no way to get in touch with your business.  OPPS4VETS® is continually evolving and adding in additional ways for you to help your business stand out, it is crucial that you continually keep your information accurate and up-to-date.  Keeping your profile is very simple and just takes a few steps:

 Step 1 - Login to the website Step 1 - Login to the Site with your E-Mail and Password
 Step 2 - Click View Profile  
Step 2 - Click on the User Icon and click 'View Profile'
 Step 3 - Click Edit Profile Step 3 - Click 'Edit Profile' to begin making your updates.
 Step 4- Click Save  Step 4 - Click Save!

Tip #2 – Participate on the Blog and Forums

Like any form of Networking, making real-time connections is critical in getting found by those looking for your services or looking to partner.  We recommend utilizing the comments feature on blog posts and forums to participate in the on-going discussions on the website.  This will help you organically create network connections with individuals who may compliment or need the services you provide.   If you haven't had a chance to check out the Forums, click this link and join in on a discussion!  Or simply add a comment to this blog post introducing your company and what you provide. 

Tip #3 - Keep your Company Website and Brand up-to-date with the latest Design Practices

Much like a physical storefront, your online appearance plays an important role on how other businesses and potential clients see you.  We recommend that you keep your website up-to-date with the latest design practices (Mobile Friendly, Modern Design, UX Optimization) and security measures to make sure your company comes off both professional and current.  If you have an IT Staff or have technical expertise, we recommend that you make this a high priority if you haven't already. 

If not, The ARRC® would be honored to provide these services for you.  As a fellow SDVOSB, we understand the struggles and benefits available for your business and are uniquely qualified to help you improve your brand.  As a show of our support, we provide a discount to all OPPS4VETS members.  If you are interested, please let us know, we would love to work with you.

Please visit us at our website or contact us at

Daniel Renteria
Chief Web Officer

Matchmaking that works.

Companies are actively seeking out Veteran Owned Businesses and Skilled Veterans for potential employment.  We will use your information to match you with opportunity.