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  • 01 Mar 2019 13:01 | OPPS4VETS (Administrator)

    During our 8th Annual Veteran and Small Business Summit, we enjoyed connecting and learning from each other.

    The vendors and buyers prospered from this connection and we look forward to sharing with you the results at our 9th Annual Veteran and Small Business Summit, set for April 1, 2020 at Moreno Valley, CA.

    We launched our inaugural SKIN IN THE GAME award acknowledging the Champions of Veteran Entrepreneurship as legislated by Public Law 106-50, on August 17, 1999. 

    I want to share with you those we also acknowledged that are Veteran Owned Businesses and verified with the VA, requiring the Veteran owner to be in control and ownership more than 51%, we recognized 20 firms for having SKIN IN THE GAME. Do visit to see nearly 1,600 Veteran businesses from across the nation that represents America's #1 Choice to buy from. If you are not listed, visit and register to be part of our growing community. No cost with tons of benefits to be a successful Veteran Owned Business, you have SKIN IN THE GAME!

    Want to be recognized as a SKIN IN THE GAME Champion at our next summit? Email me, let's make it so! Semper Fi, Al

    P.S. Our plague and print vendors are an opps4vets member, CAY Industries profile link is and HB Lase Art LLC profile link is Both awardees of our SKIN IN THE GAME award, we buy from each other and promote each other, we are a band of Veteran Owned Businesses!



    (click image to enlarge)

     Jill Andrews

     Virginia Wilson

     City of Moreno Valley CA


     Earl Security

     Judith Burnett

     Veteran Launch

     Metro Water District



     KNC Strategies


     SDVOSB Materials Technology & Supply LLC


     Anthem Trade Group

     CGS Inc

     Cloud Pathfinder Consulting

     Solar Energy Fields Inc

     A-1 Quality Logistical Soluti

     Black Box Safety

     SOCAL Amusements



     IT Security Consulting

     Regnum Mentis Designs

     A&D Design Electronics LLC

     HB Laser Art

     Maslyn Electric

     Intigra IT Solutions

  • 20 Feb 2019 12:42 | OPPS4VETS (Administrator)

    Free Registration is open for the Veteran and Small Business Summit. February 26th in Riverside, California.

    Register now for FREE.

    OPPS4VETS is Proud to Welcome you to the 8th Annual Veteran & Small Business Summit.

    Register now for FREE.

    OPPS4VETS is Proud to Welcome you to the 8th Annual Veteran & Small Business Summit.

    Register now for FREE.

    Location: Conference and Recreation Center (CRC)

    Date Tuesday, February 26, 2019
    Time A full day of Business Engagement
    Location 14075 Frederick St., Moreno Valley, CA 92553

  • 20 Jun 2018 16:36 | Albert Renteria (Administrator)

    it is always an honor to connect with millions around the world and connect with hundreds of thousands of Veterans, our Sisters and Brothers.

    Just recently, I connect with one of our Sisters DR. MONIQUE M. CHOURAESHKENAZI (hor-resh-ken-nah-zee), U.S. Air Force Veteran.

    She just authored and released Homeland & National Security below and interviewed at this video link and invite you to enjoy her interview. We plan to have her as our guest on to share her story. In the meantime, I want to personally introduce you to Mo, Semper Fi, Al

    We're halfway through June, but there's still time to purchase my book, Homeland & National Security: Understanding America's Past to Protect the Future for 50% off!!!

    Discount Code: DRMO50OFF

    - It's an educational book that is beneficial for all
    - Provides historical events which leads up America's most heinous attack on U.S. soil
    -Delineates homeland and national security concepts, while acknowledging overlapping responsibilities 
    - Discusses the history of homeland and national security and terrorism
    - Expounds on future homeland and national security concerns
    - The Intelligence Community's role in homeland and national security initiatives 
    - Two case studies per chapter
    - 10 analytical questions per chapter 
    - Glossary 
    - Instructor active learning materials
    - So much more!

    - Pages: 511
    - Chapters: 14
    Get your copy here

  • 11 Jun 2018 12:25 | The ARRC (Administrator)

    OPPS4VETS® is the home of America's #1 Choice: Veteran Business Owners.  Being a part of this list is just the first step of several to increase your lead generation potential.   Here are just a few tips from The ARRC® on how you can increase your Lead Generation on®

    Tip #1 – Keep your Profile up to Date

    Your profile is the gateway for visitors to find out about your Business.  If your business listing is out-of-date or has old links that no longer work, visitors will have no way to get in touch with your business.  OPPS4VETS® is continually evolving and adding in additional ways for you to help your business stand out, it is crucial that you continually keep your information accurate and up-to-date.  Keeping your profile is very simple and just takes a few steps:

     Step 1 - Login to the website Step 1 - Login to the Site with your E-Mail and Password
     Step 2 - Click View Profile  
    Step 2 - Click on the User Icon and click 'View Profile'
     Step 3 - Click Edit Profile Step 3 - Click 'Edit Profile' to begin making your updates.
     Step 4- Click Save  Step 4 - Click Save!

    Tip #2 – Participate on the Blog and Forums

    Like any form of Networking, making real-time connections is critical in getting found by those looking for your services or looking to partner.  We recommend utilizing the comments feature on blog posts and forums to participate in the on-going discussions on the website.  This will help you organically create network connections with individuals who may compliment or need the services you provide.   If you haven't had a chance to check out the Forums, click this link and join in on a discussion!  Or simply add a comment to this blog post introducing your company and what you provide. 

    Tip #3 - Keep your Company Website and Brand up-to-date with the latest Design Practices

    Much like a physical storefront, your online appearance plays an important role on how other businesses and potential clients see you.  We recommend that you keep your website up-to-date with the latest design practices (Mobile Friendly, Modern Design, UX Optimization) and security measures to make sure your company comes off both professional and current.  If you have an IT Staff or have technical expertise, we recommend that you make this a high priority if you haven't already. 

    If not, The ARRC® would be honored to provide these services for you.  As a fellow SDVOSB, we understand the struggles and benefits available for your business and are uniquely qualified to help you improve your brand.  As a show of our support, we provide a discount to all OPPS4VETS members.  If you are interested, please let us know, we would love to work with you.

    Please visit us at our website or contact us at

    Daniel Renteria
    Chief Web Officer

  • 14 May 2018 18:27 | Albert Renteria (Administrator)

    Our 3rd survey requested by our opps4vets member Jerry Baldy. 

    Jerry has a national plan to engage you and to consider the opportunity he wants to make available to our opps4vets members.

    Below are the results from 34 of our opps4vets members.

    Jerry will post shortly and engage with you with any interest and follow. 

    Post additional interest as necessary. Semper Fi, Al


    Do you or your firm deal in real estate Owned [REO’s] at any level? - 34 votes

    No 26

    Yes 6

    Have in the past 1

    only in building on i am an architect 1

    Do you accept real estate referral fees in the Real Estate/REO government Contracting Industry at any level? - 34 votes

    No 31

    Yes 3

    Are you contracting or consulting with real estate Asset Management Firms or government contracting real estate asset management at any level? - 34 votes

    No 30

    Yes 4

    Real Estate/ Asset Management area of Interest (choose all that apply) - 52 votes

    Working with HUD,GSA,VA or any other government agency real estate contracting firms/asset manager firms at any level. - 15

    Working with real estate Asset Management firms in asset disposal at any level. - 8

    Referring Firms/individuals to real estate Asset Management firms/Asset management government contracting firms for referrals. - 7

    Managing the disposal of REO’s of any kind. - 6

    None - 5

    n/a - 4

    Do not do this work - 1

    it - 1

    No Interest - 1

    No interest, thanks. - 1

    Not in Real Estate - 1

    not interested - 1

    unknown - 1
  • 29 Apr 2018 17:09 | Albert Renteria (Administrator)

    At the request of one of our opps4vets members Eric Cash, we published this survey and 56 opps4vets members responded. 

    The results far exceeded Eric's intent. He was hoping for at least 5 responses for each area of interest and the results below surpassed the expectations.

    This is our second poll/survey we have published and a new feature at no cost for our opps4vets members. 

    My intent is to support our opps4vets members so that opportunities that you are engaging in are shared and our opps4vets members are considered in supporting an opportunity.

    Eric is looking forward to submitting a response on May 1, 2018, to this opportunity and I encourage you to post your questions and interest and stay connected. I asked Eric to make a post and to keep us posted on the blog on the outcome of his post response submission.

    Like any response to an RFI/RFP, we submit and wait. However, leveraging opps4vets, Eric can include this blog in response to demonstrate our interest as a whole to participate. Comment at will and email me if you have any questions. Enjoy the results below. Semper Fi, Al

    Would you like to submit a non-binding survey of intent to join the Information Warfare Research Project (IWRP) consortium? - 56 votes

    Yes - 52

    No - 4

    What classification is your organization? - 56 votes

    Non-traditional defense contractor (not performing / hasn't performed any contract/subcontract for Department of Defense in the one-year period prior to April 2018)- 39

    Traditional defense contractor - 17

    Academic institution - 0

    Non-profit - 0

    What is the size of your company? - 56 votes

    Small (revenue < $38.5 million)- 56

    Medium (revenue $38.5 million - $1 billion) - 0

    Large (revenue > $1 billion) - 0

    Technology area of interest? (choose all that apply) - 192 votes

    Cloud Computing - 22

    Enterprise Resource Tools (e.g. business applications, modeling) - 22

    Cyber Warfare - 21

    Data Science / Analytics Technologies - 21

    Assured Communications (e.g. secure information infrastructure, networking technologies) - 18

    Mobility (e.g. wireless technology and infrastructure) - 16

    Collaboration and Social Networking - 14

    Internet of Things (IoT) Embedded Systems - 13

    Model Based Systems Engineering (e.g. systems engineering virtual modeling) - 11

    On-Demand Manufacturing (either Additive and/or Traditional) - 11

    Battlespace Awareness (e.g. advanced means to rapidly sense, collect, process and evaluate information) - 9

    Autonomy - 7

    Integrated Fires (e.g. expanding use integrated information with electronic and offensive cyber for kinetic weapon systems) - 7

  • 29 Apr 2018 16:46 | Albert Renteria (Administrator)

    Our first poll has concluded with 107 opps4vets members participating.

    Below are the results and the beginning of enjoying a new feature for all of our opps4vets members. 

    During this poll, one of our members Eric Cash asked to publish a survey for an opportunity he is engaging with and those results are out as well. 

    Our blogs are open to the public, but only opps4vets members can add comments to our blog. 

    I have answered the questions posted by our opps4vets members. Do expand your thoughts by commenting on our blog so that we can have an open conversation and improve our connection. Semper Fi, Al

    Would you be a guest on VETS? - 107 votes

    Yes - 64

    No - 22

    Maybe - 4

    Already member I thought? - 1 -- You are already an opps4vets member!

    At a later date - 1

    Depends on availability and subject - 1

    Depends on the topic- 1 - Topics are always about you and being entrepreneur.

    Depends on what it pertains to and if there's a cost associated. - 1 - There will never be a cost for our opps4vets members to be a guest on VETS it is always about you and being an entrepreneur. 

    Have been - 1

    I don't know that this means?? Be a guest?? Could you clarify what this means? - 1 - Being a guest on VETS introduces you to the Nation and you share your story on being an entrepreneur.

    Maybe in Oct – Nov - 1

    Need to know more to commit. - 1 - Read some of the above answers and email me for more details.

    Not at this time - 1

    Not Now - 1

    Not sure what this entails - 1 - Read some of the above answers and email me for more details.

    Possibly - 2

    What does that mean “guest on Vets”? - 1 - Read some of the above answers and email me for more details.

    What forum are you talking about? - 1

    Where is it? - 1 - Our guest are in our studio and online via Skype.

    Are you selling to the government at any level? – 107 votes

    Yes – 68

    No – 23

    A/E Design Services – 1

    I contract services and I would provide them to anyone. – 1

    I’ll sub to others but don’t take direct contracts. Too much hassle. – 1

    I’m a sub-contractor. – 1

    Not directly, provide services as sub-contractor – 1

    Not now. I have done some work at the state level and have a proposal under consideration DoD at present. – 1

    Not yet – 1

    Not yet, but contract application submitted March 23, 2018 – 1

    Not yet. In progress – 1

    Planning to sell to the government – 1

    State and local – 1

    Subcontractor on two VA contracts, but have not received pay. Subcontractor on another Government contract currently in bid selection process. – 1

    Trying to – 1

    Trying, not yet won a bid except as subcontractor – 1

    Working on some things – 1

    Yes.. IT Services – 1

    Are you an SDVOB or VOB? - 107 votes                                                                                                           

    SDVOB - 80

    VOB - 27

  • 08 Apr 2018 11:58 | Albert Renteria (Administrator)

    We are on the fast track for 2018 and one of the biggest concerns is post contract audits by DCAA and the adverse impact it can have on your federal contracting opportunities. 

    I am dedicating this blog to a fellow opps4vets member Tom Rosenbury CEO of that has shared his current ongoing audit experience with DCAA. 

    I asked Tom if he would want to start a blog to share experiences and he agreed. Once Tom posts his experience I will email all of our members to chime and learn along the way for those not audited yet and those that have been so we can be best prepared when the time comes. 

    In the meantime do visit to download your opps4vets badge and proudly post on your website, social media or print material. 

    I posted below the DCAA FAQ from their website for your reading, learning  and I invite you to post comments and experience. Semper Fi, Al

    Albert R. Renteria

    Founder opps4vets

    Frequently Asked Questions: Contractor

    1. The DCAA office code in my contract was left blank. How do I find out the DCAA DoDAAC (DoD Activity Address Code) office code that I should be submitting my provisional billing rates and interim vouchers to?

    Answer: If the DCAA DODAAC is not listed in your contract, you can access our Locator tool from the top menu on the Home page of our website. This application allows you to find the Field Audit Office based on Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) code, Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number, or Zip code. Once you find your responsible DCAA Field Audit Office, you can click the office name to view the DoDAAC used in the Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF) or other electronic billing systems. Use the contact information to confirm with the audit office that the code is correct. If the contract is classified, please call (703) 227-9056 or (703) 227-9045 for assistance with that type of contract.

    2. Where is the best place to get an overview of the DCAA audit process and a general understanding of the submissions that I will need to prepare?

    Answer: The Audit Process Overview—Information for Contractors Manual under the Guidance tab on DCAA’s website is a good place to start. The Manual provides an introduction to DCAA, describes the attributes of an adequate labor and accounting system, price proposals, Cost Accounting Standards, contract financing and interim and final vouchers, and incurred cost proposals.

    3. What are the requirements for an adequate accounting system that support cost-reimbursable contracts?

    Answer: Consult the Audit Process Overview—Information for Contractors Manual (under the Guidance tab on DCAA’s website), specifically Enclosure 2, “Preaward Surveys of Prospective Contractor Accounting System.” After reading Enclosure 2 and consulting with your contracting officer, DCAA recommends that you complete the Preaward Accounting System Adequacy Checklist and submit it to your contracting officer. In addition, you should refer to DFARS 252.242-7006, Accounting system administration, for requirements for an acceptable accounting system. Your contracting officer will determine the need for a DCAA audit. Contracting officers can request DCAA audit services.

    4. Does DCAA recommend any commercial off-the-shelf accounting system software packages?

    Answer: No. DCAA neither recommends nor approves any specific accounting system vendor software packages.

    5. Prior to submitting my contract pricing proposal, forward pricing rate proposal, and incurred cost submission to the contracting officer, I want to perform a self-assessment on the adequacy of these submissions to make sure they meet regulatory requirements. Are there any tools available to help me prepare these submissions?

    Answer: Yes. We have those tools and make them available on the website. One of the first steps that a DCAA auditor performs prior to starting an audit is to identify the adequacy of the contractor’s submission. The checklists that DCAA auditors use to assess the adequacy of contract pricing proposals, forward pricing rates, and incurred cost submissions are available under the Checklist and Tools tab on DCAA’s website. DCAA developed the checklists based on regulatory requirements. DCAA also developed a model for incurred cost submissions under the Checklist and Tools tab on DCAA’s website. After the submissions are sent to the contracting officer, he/she will determine if an audit is needed. Contracting officers can request DCAA audit services.

    6. I am bidding on a government contract. How can I get DCAA to audit my rates?

    Answer: You do not need to take any step yourself. If your contracting officer needs rates from DCAA, he/she will request them.

    7. I am a small business and I recently submitted a contract cost proposal to a Government Agency. I want to ensure that all my accounting systems meet DCAA requirements. Can I contact the local DCAA office in my area and schedule a preaward accounting system survey audit?

    Answer: No, a contractor cannot request DCAA to perform an audit of his or her company. Your contracting officer will determine if a DCAA audit is required and, if so, the contracting officer will initiate the audit request.

    8. I’m preparing my submission(s) (e.g. contract pricing proposal, forward pricing rates, incurred cost, etc.) and would like to ask the DCAA auditor some specific questions on my submission to make sure I’m on the right track. Will the DCAA auditor give me some specific advice on how to prepare my submission?

    Answer: No, a DCAA auditor cannot provide specific advice to assist a contractor in preparing their submission because doing so would impair the auditor’s independence. Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards (GAGAS/The Yellow Book) prohibits DCAA from providing advice to contractors on certain accounting or estimating matters. However, auditors may

    provide general advice on what constitutes an adequate submission and answer general questions related to the acquisition regulations. To avoid any appearance of impairment to independence, auditors should always refrain from comments that could be construed as advising the contractor on how to develop its submission. Contractors should look under the “Guidance” and “Checklist and Tools” tabs on DCAA’s website for guidance about the adequacy of their specific submission.

    9. I am trying to submit a voucher to DCAA using Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF) and the program is not allowing me to submit the voucher. How can I get help resolving this issue?

    Answer: If you are having problems with submitting a voucher into WAWF you should contact your administrative contracting officer (ACO) or the WAWF Help Desk for assistance.

    10. I submitted a billing/invoice to Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF) and it was rejected by the DCAA Field Audit Office. How can I resolve this issue?

    Answer: Each DCAA Field Audit Office (FAO) has a point of contact to answer WAWF and billing questions. If you have questions on why the billing was rejected, contact your audit office and speak to the WAWF point of contact. You may determine your DCAA FAO phone number by accessing our Locator from the top menu of our website. This application allows you to find the Field Audit Office assigned to a given CAGE, DUNS, or Zip code.

    11. Can DCAA grant an extension for submitting my final incurred cost rate proposal?

    Answer: No. Extensions for submitting final rate proposals can only be granted by the administrative contracting officer per FAR 42.302 and FAR 42.705-1(b)(1)(ii). To locate your responsible administrative contracting officer, please contact the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA).

    12. Who do I contact if I want to report fraud, waste, or abuse by a contractor?

    Answer: Fraud, waste, or abuse complaints should be submitted to the DoD Office of Inspector General Hotline ( or (800) 424-9098.

  • 14 Dec 2017 12:27 | Valerie Ormond

    What a year it has been for OPPS4VETS® thanks to our valued members and our generous sponsors. Founder Al Renteria officially launched OPPS4VETS® on Jan. 1, 2017, with two sponsors, and our first member joined on Jan. 10, 2017. Today we count 15 sponsors and 1,155 members, with both numbers growing daily. Please join me in recognizing our sponsors for their support and seeing what they do. And don’t miss the discounts and opportunities offered to our members!

    The ARRC® – Digital Marketing (10% discount for OPPS4VETS® members)

    Southwest Veterans Business Resource Center – Where Communities Serve Veterans® (FREE membership for Veterans)

    Wild Apricot – Membership Management Software (FREE 30-day free trial for OPPS4VETS® members)

    Obera – Procurement and Logistics, Professional Services, System Integration, and Training Solutions

    ASM Educational Center – Information Technology (IT) Training and Certification (up to $4,000 scholarships for military spouses in Maryland)

    Craneology Inc. – Crane Operator Training and Certification

    Cogent Solutions – IT Services and Products

    Tutor Doctor Temecula Valley – One-to-One In-Home Tutoring

    Penmere Capitol Network – Financial Services and Investment Opportunities

    Brent’s HVACR & Plumbing – Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Plumbing

    Corporate Image Maintenance – Sustainable Janitorial and Cleaning Services

    M.R. Crafts Inc. – Strategic Sourcing for Products and Services – 1st Opps4Vets member to join!

    United Veteran Supply – Vehicle Parts and Office and Medical Supplies – 1000th Opps4Vets member to join!

    Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions – Small Business Loans

    TV Worldwide – Internet TV Solutions (25% off a Sponsored Interview for the Veteran Entrepreneurship Training Series)

    Sponsors, if you have anything to add, please leave a comment on this blog post.

    To find out more about becoming a sponsor and the benefits of sponsorship, please see

    Thank you to the entire OPPS4VETS® community for a successful inaugural year, and happy holidays to all.

    Valerie Ormond

    Chief Executive Officer, Veteran Writing Services, LLC

  • 22 Nov 2017 09:14 | Valerie Ormond

    Last week, I met with Tom Leney, Executive Director, Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Office of Small & Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSBDU), and he discussed the importance of “The Structured Conversation” for vendors seeking business. I was in his office as a member of the Board of Directors of the Southwest Veterans Business Resource Center (SWVBRC) to discuss his, and his office’s, participation in the SWVBRC’s February 27-28, 2018 Business Summit.

    Besides the great news that Tom and VA Procurement Decision Makers (PDMs) will attend the Summit, he provided insight into how vendors should come prepared to speak to the PDMs. He speaks not only as the leader of the VA OSBDU, but also as a former small businessman and Government contractor, and a U.S. Army Veteran. He offers this advice to provide the best possible outcomes. Following is the outline for “The Structured Conversation.”

    1. Show the buyer that you understand his/her business problem

    2. Tell the buyer what your solution is to the problem

    3. Demonstrate why the buyer should believe you can deliver your solution? (Ex. CPARS, testimonials, reviews, past performance, and/or proof you have done the work before)

    4. Let the buyer know how he/she can get to you to purchase your supplies and/or services (Ex. contract vehicle)

    For those interested in additional tips on being procurement ready, please see the full Pre-Summit Series as part of the SWVBRC’s Veteran Entrepreneurship Training Series (VETS) at this link:

    We hope to see you at the 2018 Business Summit ready to do business!

    Valerie Ormond

    Chief Executive Officer, Veteran Writing Services, LLC

Matchmaking that works.

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