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Robert Hicks



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I was born on July 24, 1937 in John Gaston Hospital in Memphis Tennessee:
My blessed mother died in 1951 shortly after my 14th birthday.
I played guitar with Elvis Presley on the street corner of Linden until I was arrested for car theft. This was shortly after my mom died and I was living on the street.
I was sent to Tennessee State Reform School in Nashville Tennessee
One of the Guards took a liking to me and his brother was a Marine Recruiter which was a great thing for me.
I enlisted in 1954
I served in Vietnam in 1962-63
Served as a Marine Scout (MOS 317)
I retired in 1979 – and moved to San Jose California
I started RBH Enterprises in San Jose 1979 and bankrupted it in 1986
I am presently retired as a Disabled Veteran and living in a Retirement Home in Napa California

Eliminating Corporations Payment Error Margins/Corporations lose $203 Billion of Revenue.
Business Consulting · Backup & Recovery Systems · Business Analytics · Customer Service · Strategic Planning · Data Reporting · Customer Support · Data Recovery · Financial Reporting

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)
518210 Data Processing - Hosting and Related Services

QF Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business

Set Aside - Veteran Owned Business
Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business

801416 Sales and business promotion activities
801615 Management support services

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