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Golden A.I.T. (10)

Created on: 04 Jun 2020
Bringing Data to business
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Allows you to sort cc transactions by a quick query and have data to manage your business.
  • Leverage Transparency, Automation and Intelligence to:
  • Know if customers have charged you back BEFORE you fulfill or bill.
  • Decline Management
  • Know how to FIX errored transactions
  • Some revenue recovery is strategic and companies want to leverage our 35 years of payment and billing experience. Every penny is important and we want to make sure you get every one.
  • Know Good / Bad Customers
  • A.I.T Accounting
  • Automated reconciliation to the transaction, to the penny, gives your business the ability to: 1. Optimize Revenue and Expense 2. Hold Software / Third Parties Accountable

Matchmaking that works.

Companies are actively seeking out Veteran Owned Businesses and Skilled Veterans for potential employment.  We will use your information to match you with opportunity.