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  • 27 Jun 2017 18:47
    Message # 4921113
    Albert Renteria (Administrator)

    I just published ALVET 2-17 offering to finance up to $12,000 for web development with product and services exposure. 

    Since introducing this opportunity several opps4vets members have register as a Veteran at and trying the free trial at to consider taking part of what is being offered. I will follow up with more communication and below is our 5 paragraph order SMEAC. Do post at will. 

    Situation – Access to capital is never enough or too expensive to consider and drains cash flow when you need it the most. The need for marketing working capital is usually the last expense to budget for and the most critical to have.

    Mission – Develop and deploy a program to fund marketing working capital to develop web presence with product and services exposure worldwide to include funds in increments of $5,000 or more. Produce and distribute nationwide video campaign “Courage Valor Experience America’s #1 Choice” to promote and increase awareness of Veteran Owned Businesses.

    Execution – Deploy FragO 2-17 with the intent to achieve mission in three phases. Phase I, introduce capital opportunity to all opps4vets members. Phase II, Identify interested participants. Phase III, verify interested opps4vets members that meet the criterion to receive capital at no cost and handshake the opportunity with details of agreement. Phase I, II and III ENDEX March 1, 2018. Repeat yearly to improve and increase funding as allowed by the success of the program.  

    Administration & Logistics – Criterion for no fee to finance marketing capital for web development with product and services exposure nationwide and $5,000 cash funds.


    - Must have active and approved status with VA CVE

    - MUST be a registered Veteran with

    - Must be a registered Veteran with

    - Must have a paid account via this link

    - Up to $12,000 paid back at $200 a month in 60 months

    - Agree to opps4vets program agreement


    - MUST meet all the above and a paid account via link above for 6 months (Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb) prior to summit

    - MUST be no less than 10 opps4vets participating members

    - MUST attend SUMMIT

    - MUST present marketing and strategic plan at summit

    - The best marketing and strategic plan presented will be selected.

    - A check for the amount of $5,000 will be presented to the winning presentation.

    - The cash funds will not be added to the balance for repayment, it will be credited to the balance so that total capital opportunity is only $12,000 and not $17,000 as an example.

    - Example of transaction. On or prior to Sep 1, 2017 an agreement is made to provide services for up to $12,000, six months later balance after monthly payments of $200 is $10,800. Winning presentation will be credited $5,000 of the services and the $5,000 cash funds won’t increase balance, total balance due is still $10,800.

    Communication and Signal – The opps4vets platform is the primary source communication and logistics to receive and distribute information on this program. FragO 2-17 will be posted at this link for all participating and non-participating opps4vets members to view and track and to ask questions and provide feedback.

    Click here for an example of the program handshake agreement.

    4. The intent of this communication is to introduce a no cost funding program for our community. Working capital programs have various or creative fees opps4vets does not assess any fees. As a community of CVE verified members, we represent Courage Valor Experience™ and our actions will be witnessed by many as we define the true meaning of a Band of Brothers and Sisters.

    5. Semper Fidelis, Albert R. Renteria, CWO-4 USMC Retired, opps4vets Founder//

    Last modified: 27 Jun 2017 18:50 | Albert Renteria (Administrator)

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