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SAM Registration FOR OEM Manufacturers

  • 06 Aug 2017 07:57
    Reply # 5015115 on 5003647

    Hi Amos:

    Thank you for reaching out.   You're right on target there.  I am meeting with my VBOC contact this Wednesday to see what they can provide. 

    I am active with my local PTAC as well.  Unfortunately, they are not all created equally.  We have a match-making event on the 24th this month and I'll be looking for additional insights and contacts to assist.

    Much appreciated!

    Best, Schuyler

  • 04 Aug 2017 22:17
    Reply # 5013155 on 5003647

    Your local Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTACs) can also give expert advice free of charge.

  • 04 Aug 2017 22:07
    Reply # 5013154 on 5003647


    I think you should contact your local Veterans Business Outreach Center (VBOC). Ask for their Procurement Specialist (which is their more Senior Business Advisor, who is much more experienced than that initial person you will talk to when you first contact VBOC). This will be good free advice (it's actually not free because your taxpayer dollars go to fund it). So I would get that good advice you can easy receive from VBOC. And they can find the answer and get back to you if needed too.

    Link to find Veteran's Business Outreach Center Local Assistance"

    Note, VBOC has been helping me plenty with my own contracting questions once I finally got to talk with the right person.


  • 31 Jul 2017 06:09
    Message # 5003647

    Hello All:

    I have an OEM medical diagnostic technology supplier that I am attempting to guide through the SAM registration process.  They are under 50 employees currently, but are growing rapidly and expect to pass that mark by the end of this year.

    They have hesitated (HR/Legal) to move forward with registration based on the requirements placed on companies under federal labor laws.  They anticipate a good deal of expense involved in implementing these but...

    Their HR Officer has raised concerns regarding EEOC, Drug Testing policies, etc. that they are not currently set-up for.  As mentioned, they believe it will cost a good deal of money to "be ready" and get in compliance. 

    My thought is they may be getting the cart before the horse.  I'm trying to provide them with reliable guidance/information and need input from the "congregation".  Many thanks!

    My company will be a non-exclusive distributor of this new medical diagnostic technology targeting the VHA and DoD.

    My questions to our fellow members are as follows:

    1. As a small business owner, have you found that you needed to establish a number of different programs (under federal law) to comply with federal labor requirements?
    2. Does the magic 50 employee level change the game?  If so, how?
    3. Can my technology provider (the OEM) get registered in SAM now and update their status at a later date, when appropriate, to meet federal labor program guidelines?
    4. If my company is the primary distributor to the federal sector, do they have to be registered at all?

    Schuyler C. Jones, CEO

    VetGuard Medical Supply, LLC

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